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I Just LOVE Your Shoes!

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Lights On!

There is a children’s book, My Shoes Take Me Everywhere I Want to Go (by Marianne Richmond) that recently caught  my attention. I was in the grocery store check-out line and was contemplating  what to speak about at an upcoming presentation to a professional gathering of women. And there it was . . . the idea emerged!

The story-line  of this delightful book is told from the perspective  of a child. The child shares that her mother had told her that she essentially was born without any clothes. In fact, all the parts of her were bare – her head, her feet, even her toes. But that condition  changed very quickly because now she has shoes that take her everywhere – every where  she wants to go! She has dancing shoes, tennis shoes, and sandals for the beach. She has shoes for school. She has running shoes and princess shoes, flip-flops and party shoes. Her shoes provide her journey after journey; and all she has to do is don her favorite pair of shoes and they take her everywhere – everywhere she wants to go!

Let’s transcend this story (from the little girl in each of you) to the multi-dimensional adult career woman! Let’s peek at the many shoes that are in your life closet that take you everywhere you want to go.

  • Are your shoes carrying you to the places you want and need to go?
  • To the milestone places along your intended life path?
  • To the places that nurture your personal growth and development?

Every pair of shoes that you don has some “me essence” in them. They represent you in many ways and they participate fully in your journey.  They carry you everywhere you want to go. And you are the “manager” of your life shoe closet! Are you nurturing that “me essence”?  Are some of your “me-shoes” taken for granted? Neglected or taking a back seat to other priorities? Have you forgotten how powerful and beautiful you are in all the dimensions of your life – in all the shoes that you wear? Your shoes are dedicated  to the art of your well-being  – professionally,  personally,  recreationally,  and spiritually. They reflect your personal “being” in all aspects of your life. Here’s to celebrating the “me essence” in all of your shoes wherever they are carrying you and to celebrating the “me shoes” that grace your entire life closet.

As the manager of your life’s shoe closet, here are some pertinent questions:

  • Have you been neglecting  some shoes in your life closet lately?
  • Are there some that you are wearing out? Or, others you just haven’t found time to don?
  • When was the last time you had your sneakers on and took a good walk – because you needed it for life balance?
  • When was the last time you took the time to walk the beach in your sandals? Or, maybe in bare feet?
  • When  was the last time you spent the whole day in your slippers – because you needed that?
  • When was the last time you had on your dancing shoes? Or, your Mary Janes?
  • Have you taken inventory lately of all the shoes that adorn the full spectrum of your life? How are you caring for their well- being?
  • What shoes are you choosing to carry you to where you want to go next? Where is that?

The next time you open your life shoe closet to choose the right pair of shoes, you just might hear, “Hey, pick me, pick me – wear me today!” Because your “me-shoes” want to take you wherever it is that you want to go.

If you are really, really listening to the inner teacher in you, you’ll know that those shoes that are crying out, ‘Hey, pick me, pick me—wear me today!” are likely the ones that will also take you to where you need to go.

So off you go!  The shoes you’ve chosen are taking you on new adventures, new journeys.

And, oh, by the way—I Just Love Your Shoes!

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