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First Quarter Resolutions

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Choice, Empowered by Choice

TICK … TICK .. . TICK … TICK .. .

There is a connection at the turn of the new year to Janus, the Roman god, who stands at the precise place where the old year dies. Janus (depicted a s Father Time and sometimes with two heads), looks back reflectively at what was, and at the same moment he looks forward to the new year that is about ‘to emerge.

Janus is deemed the guardian of this threshold-the narrow space that is the boundary between  the pa st and the future, between  what was and what can be. It is a transition place, a portal, a temporary pass-through, much like the place we all have experienced when letting  go of the old and embracing  the new. We know this place well. Indeed, our lives are marked by transition and growth.

The ancients believed that the old year comes to an end at the winter solstice. full of experiences and meaning. At the moment of dying, the new year is born-  like a new baby, full of potential. full of possibility. Similarly, the lunar cycles provide newness and fullness-a reminder of our connection  to the deep patterns of renewal. In our daily connections to these deeper  patterns, we note  the ticking away of time. We experience sunrise and sunset-  with  the beginning promise of a new day and ending with  the fullness of the very same day.

While the start of a new year remains a useful time to pause, look back and assess the various aspects of life. for me it is of greater importance to reflect on the gift of time-even as seconds, minutes, hours, days and months tick by.

We progress quickly through the first quarter  of a new year Is it not worth remembering that each month has a new moon? Reflecting that each day ha s a new  sunrise and a new beginning? That each dimension provides us the opportunity for insight into deeper patterns of renewal l and letting go?

To remember that we have the capacity  to comprehend the world,  our lives,  our goals, our endeavors  and our inspirations and to cultivate our work and other  contributions into  that gift of time?

At the beginning of this new year, ask yourself:

  •  What am I doing  with  this gift  of time?
  • In what  ways am I becoming better?
  • In what  ways am I reflecting and renewing?
  • Am I sun setting old and worn-out ideas and emerging with new, worthy  ones?
  • Am I fulfilling those personal  and professional promises I  made as the archetypal Janus stood at that threshold such a very short time  ago?

Here’s to making the changes you envision  as necessary in your life each day and each month throughout 2009. With every new moon and full moon, with each sunrise and sunset, may you sense the deeper  patterns that spark renewal and compel you to make:. the best use of your gift of time.

Tick  .. tick … tick … tick … @

24 Washington Woman January 2009

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