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Co-creating Your Life – (Lights On! High Beam Focus)

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Courage to Become, Empowerment

While  being  interviewed recently to lead an upcoming women’s event, I was asked  what sort of questions are being  raised by the women that I have coached?  Are there recurrent themes?   Yes. Here are some  of them:


  • Is that all there is?  Life has to be more than what

I’m experiencing.

  • I seem  to be devoid of passion  about anything.

Life Struggles:

  • Life is just too busy, too harried to take the time to stop, think, reflect, change.
  • How do I break out of this whirlwind?  How do I make  sense of things?
  • Why  does life have  to be so hard?  Everything seems  to be a struggle.
  • It seems  like  I take two steps forward, and then step backward into a hole  again.

Negative, self-defeating talk:

  • Negative thoughts about one’s  self —this will never work, I just can’t do it, I’m too ugly, overweight, undisciplined, stupid, etc.

The life transition / the subtle nudge to move forward:

  • Something is nudging me to change, to move forward, to transition.  Yet I have  no idea  as to what, when, why  or where.
  • I feel so disconnected—like I don’t belong or identify with this work or place  anymore.
  • How do I know  whether this is the right path I should be taking?   What else should I be doing?

Becoming the best I can be:

  • I’m successful; I love  what I do but I know  I can do more, be more, become even  more fulfilled.
  • How can I be the best leader I can be?
  • Successfully combining family and career can be difficult. How do successful professional women combine family and career so that there is coherence, balance and achievement?

All of the above  statements are reflective of the individual “becoming aware”.  Noticing is the first step! Some  are consciously wanting to break out of what I call “chrysalis paralysis”. For some, there is a recognition that life isn’t unfolding well  and that something has to change—but one feels “stuck— almost paralyzed”.  Others know  that things are in disharmony and chaotic, yet refuse to stop  and examine why  or how to break the patterns, the self- imposed prisons, that are limiting one’s life. For others, there is a clear sense of knowing—there is a stimulus to be open to a new change, to gather strength, to find one’s voice  and move  forward, albeit perplexed by the ambiguity of it all.  While some  are stuck  inside  their chrysalis, others

responsibly and trustingly move  forward and emerge as the butterfly.  Why is that?

I’m reminded of the (often-noted) universal law of attraction.  What you  say and what you  think really do matter.  Life agrees with everything you  think, say and believe.  What you  fill your mind with—your life is full of.  You attract into your life what you  think about.  Life agrees with you  and will  show  you  just how  right you  are!  There is power in your expectations, your thoughts, your words.  So why  not set high  expectations—think them, dream them, speak  them, live  them?

In Joel Osteen’s latest best-selling book, Your Best Life Now (©2004, Warner-Faith), he witnesses for God, sharing that God has much  good  in store for us. He notes that “speaking life- changing words”, “enlarging your vision”, “raising your level  of expectancy” and “choosing the right thoughts” are just some  of the important steps for living at your full potential.  [Have you noticed the actual words that are coming from your own  mouth lately? Of what are you  complaining? bemoaning? belittling? Are your own  words inviting more chaos  and disharmony?]

Deepak  Chopra shares (in his books  on individual development) that the empowerment we seek is already available to us.  He notes that Conscious Awareness  equals Intention (setting and maintaining high  intentions and expectations) plus  Attention (the doing  part—that is, the actions that we “attend to” that support the intention). Conscious awareness is much  more than “wishful thinking” about how  our lives  might be.  There is a conscious and personal responsibility to choose  to make  this shift. (Awareness = Intention + Attention).

As a personal, life and executive coach, I enjoy helping people  create the space for choosing personal growth and development, for turning on one’s inner light.

Using  the metaphor of “Lights On!”—

  • If you  are journeying through life with your personal light dimmed by negativity…
  • If you  are unable to envision (shine a light on) the future you  want because  you  are too harried to stop and reflect…
  • If you  know  you  are being  nudged into a life transition yet it seems  so unclear…

…then it is time to consciously shift to using  your high beam  headlights…all the time!

Most successful, professional women, including those who  combine family and career…

  • hold  clear intentions; they take time to renew them daily.
  • they envision their future; they are principle-based leaders.
  • they prepare for, and are open  to their future unfolding;
  • they are able  to discern what is important and what is not so that what they “attend to”  connects to their higher expectations.
  • While  they are organized, they do not micromanage; they trust; they can live  with ambiguity; they are open  to being surprised; their eyes are open; they have  high  awareness.

When  you shift your thinking to higher intention, you attract that into your life. It is a conscious choice.

You can shift today!

In mid-life, the caterpillar attaches itself to a protected place while it undergoes a transformation into a chrysalis. The butterfly that emerges has a whole new life in a very different, exciting form.

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