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Lights On! A Reflective Journey

LightsOn Book by Claire Knowles"Here's a quick peek at the Table of Contents" of this exciting new book! Women in Leadership...focus your attention to Chapter 10 especially!

Sample Chapter - "Sometimes we all need a little push."

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  • Does your group need to be rejuvenated? Re-focused?
  • Are you struggling to survive?   
  • Is there in-fighting?
  • Have you lost your focus?
  • Sense of accomplishment?
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About Making Personal Positive Change

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Choice, Moving Forward

Perhaps your New Year’s Resolutions need a bit of a boost. Or perhaps you are struggling with what is needed to make a lasting change in your life.  Even if you’ve failed before—that’s okay! Focus on how can you determine your best chance to succeed going forward? Where should you place your energy and efforts? What would derail you?

From the Study of Systematics (and the insight of A.G.E. Blake and discussions with colleague, A. Moyer) comes a view of intentional positive change being most likely to occur when certain factors are present. Why not examine your personal situation around these factors? Be mindful of these:

  • Have you clearly defined the goal? the target? the mile-markers? Are you clear on what success will look like when the goal is achieved? Do you know why it is that you sincerely want to achieve this?
  • Do you “believe” that you can accomplish this? Do you “believe” that you will reach this goal/target? You absolutely have to be convinced in your heart of hearts that you will achieve it.  (Often goals fall by the wayside because the strength of this belief is too weak).
  • Are you clear on what the positive motivating force is for you to accomplish this goal? What is the positive reward for you? What is the good that will come out of this when you reach your goal/target? Can you clearly embrace having this positive reward happen for you? Do you genuinely long for it?
  • * Are you clear on what the negative motivating force is for NOT accomplishing this goal? What is the pain or the discomfort that will occur? What is the negative reinforcement – what will happen to you that you don’t want to have happen? How strong is your desire for not wanting the negative aspect to happen? Have you a deep sense of rejecting this negative?
  • Have you thoroughly thought-through and identified what the means are….and how to acquire the means to reach the target from where you are right now?  Do the plans make sense? Timeframe make sense? What are these means? New technology? New skills? A change in habits? Willpower boost? Exercise? Schedule changes? Prioritization calendar?
  • Are you prepared and committed to learn what you need to learn to acquire these means? Are you ready to fully integrate this change into your life? Have you voiced this decision that this goal is your personal intent?
Lights On! asksDoes the universe know…so it can help to attract it into your life? Go for it!


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