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Learning from the Intuitive Way

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Choice, Courage to Become

A Review… … (by Claire Knowles)

Your Intuition – is truly a BODY-MIND connection

“Your body communications with you constantly, giving you  a feedback about the relative safety and appropriateness of every option you  consider.

How do you know when something is right for you…or when you hear the truth? How do you know that you want to do something and you’re actually going to do it? Conversely, how do you know when someone’s lying to you or when some path of action is wrong for you? Can you tell when your timing is off? When a situation is being forced? When there’s a high possibility of failure? Or danger?”

Your body’s messages contain either survival information that comes ( from the instinct) – from the body’s rapport with the natural environment or from higher guidance about your optimal self-expressions. Most of us never take the time to know how we know or what we know; we just act. Yet out bodies are speaking volumes – just not in a language we immediately recognize.

The body’s language is a binary one—there are only twi modes, two words: yes and no. You will recognize these messages through feelings of expansion or contraction in your body. When a choice or action is appropriate, safe, and on-target for you, you will experience expanding energy – you may sense rising energy and become active or bouncy. Perhaps you’ll warm to an idea, get rejuvenated or feel flushed with enthusiasm. Have you ever had the hots for someone, or had butterflies of anticipation or been up for a new adventure? Have you ever said, I’m leaning toward the option! The  body’s yes often feels like health and vitality; there is a compelliing to go forward. “ I’m raring to go – let me at it” is the message when it is the right path to follow. There is a goodness feeling about it.

And your body knows how to sort out your truth. Most often, you’ll recognize your personal truth by a feeling of deep  comfort. What is truth? Mahatma Gandhi said that that is a difficult question, that I ( Gandhi ) have solved it for myself by knowing that is is what the vooice within tells me.

Why is i t important t o know your truth and anxiety signals?

First, you need a fail-safe way to discern which options in life are best for you, to be able to make authentic choices straight from your super-conscious wisdom. Truth and anxiety signals ore your pipeline to the highest knowledge.

Second, by learning to identify clear answers more quickly and directly, you won’t waste so much time and energy and so many opportunities for happiness.

Third, by learning to absolutely trust your bodv’s first response, you will find the guidance you get is high quality. Goethe said these deceptively simple words: “Just trust yourself. Then you will know how to live.”

The more you validate your body’s answers by acting  on its information, the more your body will trust your conscious mind, and the more easily it will provide future expert guidance.

Note: Penney Peirce’s book The Intuitive Way is filled with a host of information …some of which is summarized above. Lights On! highly recommends that you add this one to your ready-reference library!

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