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Lights On! A Reflective Journey

LightsOn Book by Claire Knowles"Here's a quick peek at the Table of Contents" of this exciting new book! Women in Leadership...focus your attention to Chapter 10 especially!

Sample Chapter - "Sometimes we all need a little push."

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Lights On! Laugh More! Stretch Forward More! Be! Greet Change with Gusto!

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Choice

A few years ago a health study determined there are 3 primary reasons people can’t cope in life. 1) They live in the past. 2) They have a low self-esteem. 3) They can’t laugh at themselves. When’s the last time you really laughed hard? It has been said that we need about 12 good laughs a day to stay healthy! How much have you laughed today? Children supposedly can laugh hundreds of times in a day. What has your laugh quotient been like lately? Laughter provides the balance we need as adult career women to handle the heavy weight of our stressors. Lights On!

 Kobi Yamada, in her book “Be” notes that we all are aware that an unlived, unsuccessful life is littered with “Could haves”, Should haves” and “if only-s”. Each moment greets us full of possibility and leaves us hoping we are better for having had the experience. We want to be able to stretch forward with gusto, to seize the days, the moments, the sparkle! Life is too short to be stuck in regrets! Even baby steps can move us forward! Let’s make our next steps positive ones. Lights On!

 A telling way of knowing how open we are to change…to moving forward and to becoming the best we can be is to ask this simple question: “How do I greet change?” That is a key question for being a Difference Maker, as recently noted by Temple Hayes in her “Good to Amazing” videoclip. Think about that! To me, it is the key question to ask ourselves as we interrogate our own reality. How empowered are we, really? Are we stuck? Are we able to grasp on to new ideas? Do we hold back? Are we the ones that are saying, “We’ve always done it this way.” How open are we? How do I greet this change?….this situation?…this dilemma? Lights On!

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