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I Am Enough! And So Are You!

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Courage to Become, Empowered by Choice, Latest News, Lights On!

Lately I’ve been bombarded by messages that I am not enough. Facebook, TV and
E-mail messages claim that I should do this….that I should do that….that I could just be so much better than I am…if I would just be like this…or do something
like that. Some of the internet marketing pieces go a bit deeper—making it seem like there’s something wrong with me—that I am not enough! Because if I were enough, I wouldn’t be reading their messages, would I? And, in order to become enough, I really need to do what they say, buy what they sell, learn what they know, mirror what they purport to be, or to get the “fix” that they sell twill cause me to be enough.

The not good enough messaging is intended to hit a deep pain-button…to hit that personal wound that each of us has imbedded somewhere in our psyche…the internal tape that says some way, some how that I am inadequate, deficient, reject material, not-up-to-par, less-than, don’t measure up, can’t do, or am just not good enough! It is part of a lack mentality.

And guess what? So many people buy into this notion that individually, we are not enough. We buy into the idea that we need a fix because we’re lacking in some way. The sales piece works because none of us are perfect—and none of us will ever be perfect. We will always be lacking!

As an organizational consultant, and a proponent of women (especially) becoming the best that we can be—I can certainly support the idea of striving, of moving forward towards goals, of action, of continual growth, of personal and professional development. That is very much what I stand for—personally and professionally. Moving forward is important—but not on the basis that I am not enough. Rather, because I know who I am, I have self-esteem, I possess self-confidence, and I want to move forward—because I am enough and because I have gifts to give this world.

It is time that we each declare, “I am enough.” Because each of us is enough. Each of us can envision our dreams and rise to them. We do that one day at a time, one step at a time. We are each a work in progress. While we have problem areas we each try to overcome, at our core we are enough—we are fully approved of—we don’t have to buy into other’s negative projections or rejections or even self-rejection. You can lighten up a little and love and accept yourself—just being you! I am enough! And so are you!


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  • Tamara Owen


    How true this is! It saddens me that we continue to buy into this idea of our own personal lack. We are all ‘enough’ and always have been. What can be helpful, though, is having the knowledge and skills of how to be our best selves. When we have these life tools we can be successful and feel that we are indeed good enough.


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