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Lights On! Blog: Wanted—Epic Proportions of Empowerment!

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Choice, Empowered by Choice, Empowerment, Lights On!, Moving Forward, Starting Anew

Lights On! focus:

This week’s news has been heavy with loss—the traumatic events in Boston,
and (additionally for me) the loss of two fine, beautiful friends to cancer. I think of the dualities of the world we live in–light and dark, negative and positive, up and down. Emotions swing. We know we have to grieve our loss and then move forward—pulling ourselves up again by our bootstraps—restarting steps on our own life’s journey—forward.

Psychologists have a lot to say about discovering ways to lift up the positives—for an improved sense of well-being. The ladder of emotions contains steps that extend from despair/fear to joy/love—we move ourselves (consciously or unconsciously) along that spectrum. You can quickly refocus negative thoughts—if you choose. You can have only one thought in your head at a time. It can bring you up or it can drag you down. You choose. The same holds true with engaging in gratitude journaling. As you write about that for which you are grateful, the negative is not present. Can you hold that positive space?

We have the freedom of choice—that is, we choose our response to whatever happens to us in life. We can try to find some light even in the darkest time; we can console; we can sow seeds of harmony; we can surround ourselves with positive people. We can do things that make us feel competent and give us a feeling of accomplishment. We can put our energies into doing something good, positive, for others. Sometimes that anonymously-performed good deed or random act of kindness is essential to stepping forward. We can do our best—be the best we can be, one day at a time. We can become empowered.

To ‘empower’ means to give authority to, or power to act; to make yourself or someone else stronger, or more confident. In essence, it is a force for moving forward. Epic proportions of Empowerment can help us all to move forward with our Lights On!

(See www.LightsOnBook.com/Products to check out the 5 Keys to Empowering Yourself and Others…Moving Forward with Your Lights On. Note that we each have a built-in barometer—a life gift question—the answer of which will tell us our own level of empowerment, at any given time.)

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