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Delineation…Do You Know Your Boundaries? Where Do You Draw the Edge?

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Courage to Become, Empowered by Choice, Leadership for Women Leaders, Lights On!

Recently a friend and colleague, Gunilla Norris, created a FaceBook post about
gardening and specifically, about the edging that is required to keep something from
encroaching on something else (as in grass kept edged from the flower bed). What a wonderful boundaries metaphor for our lives!

I’ve been contemplating “delineation.” Specifically, how often in our lives do we blur the lines—not create the “edging” that we should? Perhaps we sometimes feel we’ve not been strong enough in boundary-setting; perhaps blurring the lines comes from hesitation, indecision and/or inaction, or a lack of discipline.

In the study of Systematics, there is term called the “monad.” It is represented by the circle with a single dot inside it. The dot is either inside the circle, or it is not. In or out. Can’t be both. That’s how life is….we have to choose. Our free will gives us
freedom to choose what, where, how, when, and why to set our personal and professional boundaries…to set the edges for our lives!

As the May gardens bloom forth, so may our lives be clearly delineated, with fine edges that allow us to be the best we can be! Lights On!

Claire Knowles


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