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Touch-points Matter! by Lights On!

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Latest News


images  TOUCH-POINTS…..Matter!

Touch-points—just a brief interaction with another human being—yet one in which we have the capacity to transform an ordinary moment into a touch-point—to have the potential to build up another, or conversely, to break down another—simply by your words!

Think about the important moments in your life when something that was said to you had lasting, positive impact! Here are a few I recall….and what I felt in that moment.

“You have a beautiful baby girl!                          Extreme Joy!
“It’s good, but You can do better!”                      Instilled Determination
“I’m so proud of you!”                                            Valued, Potency

I won’t share any really negative ones….as in the name-callings from yester-year….because I prefer the negative to not be given a stage for its contagious influence. I want to point out, however, that it took less than a total of 7 seconds to state the three statements shown above and to lift me up! It doesn’t take much time to be a catalyst for good. There is definite power in the touch-point opportunities that cross our paths!

In a Longitudinal (long-term) study a number of years ago, that tracked at-risk youth well into adulthood, and which measured their adult capabilities to live a productive, respected life, it showed that each of them shared that they had at least one person in their surroundings who encouraged them, who showed them that they had value, and that they had the potential for a good future ahead of them, despite their circumstances. Providing affirmation is an important touch-point!

We can create “touch-points” for our own lives too—starting with undoing any destructive self-talk. Consciously choose the words that move you forward—I can, I will, I am, I have, I do, I create, I believe—very different than I can’t, I won’t, I’m not, etc. And then, give yourself permission to do exactly what those positive-moving words convey!

What are the memorable touch-points in your life? In your day? How can you reaffirm another human being right now? And in the realm of having women be more supportive of other women, isn’t there something supportive you can share right this moment, to lift that woman up and help to move her forward? Lights On!

Claire Knowles  – Lights On!




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