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Lights On! A Reflective Journey

LightsOn Book by Claire Knowles"Here's a quick peek at the Table of Contents" of this exciting new book! Women in Leadership...focus your attention to Chapter 10 especially!

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Valuable Lights On! Teaching for the New Year

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Choice, Courage to Become, Lights On!

132387017There is an Eastern teaching that the instruction that an acorn receives that tells it to begin to grow—is actually evoked by the future tree! It is the future that calls the seed into growth, into the shape and form that it will become!

What is 2014 (future) calling you to become? To be? More focused? Kinder? Productive? Honest? Positive? Successful? To accomplish specific goals? Remember the Attitude that you have is impactful and contagious. It impacts those around you. Your attitude impacts whether or not the seeds being nurtured within you…wanting to become your future…will blossom or not. Are you open to becoming the best you can be? You choose your attitude….a negative one begets negativity and wears off on others around you. Negativity tears down. It hinders growth. A positive attitude is contagious too…but in good ways! An attitude that is positive builds up (yourself and others). Attitude is a big thing…(capability, competence, confidence)  that makes the difference whether your 2014 will unfold with the same greatness as that which calls the acorn forth to become the mighty oak! And guess what? You are being called forth to become in 2014…are you listening?  Is your attitude open to the future that’s calling you forth? You get to choose!

Note: Claire Knowles ( www.ClaireEKnowles.com ) is the Amazon best-selling author of Lights On! A Reflective Journey (for women) and also of the Amazon best-seller “Can You See Them Now? Elephants in our Midst!”….written for HR Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders. Besides authorship, Claire’s work encompasses Speaking engagements, Leadership Consulting and Coaching—-helping Leaders to be the best that they can be, and their teams/organizations/businesses to be the most effective at what they came together to do in the first place!

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