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Emotions do Matter! What are you Feeling?

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Empowered by Choice, Lights On!, Moving Forward

Emotions Do Matter!  emotional-ladder 1 haze

I recently listened to a webinar on our emotions being a wonderful coping tool for us. Yes, a coping tool! I’m a big believer around the Ladder of Emotions. In my many years I think I’ve experienced most of them! The learning, of course, is that no one can move you up the ladder of emotions but yourself. You have to find a way to move out of the lower end and into the higher end—as much of the time as possible. In a sense, we each have a stop light inside us….we know whether we can cruise on green, whether to have caution when on yellow, and when we’ve got a big emotional problem and we have to stop and regroup on red; we know all that just by the emotions we are feeling! We know we have to move back to green!

Unfortunately, as humans in this day and age, we tend to have a negativity bias….it takes more effort to climb up than it does to regress downward. It is as if our negative emotions are “Velcro”—and they stick to us; while our more positive emotions are “Teflon”—and they are quick to slip away. Is that not the reason for the old saying, “Smell the Roses”….! Yes, grab on to the good while you can…..because once the downward emotional slipping starts we have to work hard to climb up again! Cultivating your own ways for climbing up (recognizing them, repeating them) is a life learning to acknowledge.

How do you bring yourself up? What do I do? I work very hard at finding the positive; Dealing with the reality of the situation; learning the lesson in it. Being grateful. Trying to see the good in situations. And, primarily, by diverting my attention to something that is good, that brings joy, that sends love. Works every time!

Claire Knowles – Lights On!

Claire Knowles is a 2-time best-selling Author, sought-after Speaker and Effective Consultant for business, leadership and teams. Find her books, Lights On! and Can You See Them Now? (Elephants in our Midst) on Amazon.com

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