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WHINING….Stop it! ….and Turn Your Lights On!

Written by Claire Knowles on . Posted in Latest News


WHINING! (It doesn’t have to be that way!)

Recently I gave a talk at a Business Networking Event. In it I shared about one of the first clues to going negative, to not being positive, to being pessimistic in one’s attitude, to becoming cynical. And that clue is, “to hear a person whining!” Yes, “Whining!” Everyone knows a whiner….what they sound like…the whiner whines about the weather and the economy, their work, their family, their situation, not enough sleep, etc., etc., etc. There was not one person in the room who didn’t have at least 3 “whiners” in their life. And most people don’t like to be around constant whiners. But what about the self-whining we do? Can we notice our own whining as easily as we notice it in others?

The unfortunate thing is that if you don’t choose to be a positive person, then inadvertently you may end up being a whiner. Whining is the opposite of thanksgiving…whining is defying the ability to be grateful….unable to see the good.

I also shared at this same event, a tactful way to stop whining! There is a North Carolina university, as part of a sociology project, where at the start of the semester, the students are given a clicker that they can use when they hear another person whining. And when “would-be whiners” get to the point that they hear the clicker in their own heads, rather than from someone else, they’ve arrived! They are policing themselves from sharing negative attitudes. They are finding a different, more positive way to be, and to express themselves. None of us need to be whiners. Whining is a choice!

What is the “important clicker” that you use so that you stay positive, and “are not a whiner?” Deny yourself a “whining zone” and choose to be positive every day, from the time you awaken ‘til you end your day. Lights On!  Yes….Stop Whining and Turn Your Positive Lights On!….now!

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