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Lights On! A Reflective Journey

LightsOn Book by Claire Knowles"Here's a quick peek at the Table of Contents" of this exciting new book! Women in Leadership...focus your attention to Chapter 10 especially!

Sample Chapter - "Sometimes we all need a little push."

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Leaders: Don’t have any Elephants? Better look again!

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There are Elephants in the Boardroom and the Back Room. An elephant in the boardroom or in the back room is something big, real and impossible to ignore, but often people (including Leaders) pretend it is not there because to talk about it could be painful or unsafe. Often we will not name our elephants even though they may be crushing us. At Lights On!, we use a proprietary process to lift up those elephants so they can be safely addressed, and the organization can move forward with gusto. These so-called elephants are the “undiscussables” of an organization that actually cripple it from being the best that it could be.

In my Amazon best-selling books, “Lights On! A Reflective Journey … Illuminations to Move Your Life Forward”, you’ll find several chapters about Elephants; and in “Can You See Them Now? Elephants in our Midst” you’ll find the whole scoop…the how, why, where, what, etc. about organizational elephants…and what you can do about those that are trampling your organization!  It doesn’t have to be that way! You’ll find testimonials about my work with organizations in lifting up those elephants so that they can be addressed. Here’s a quote from the Regional Director of a Women’s nonprofit organization: “The work Claire did with our organization was important because it made us take a close look at some sad truths about ourselves. We faced them, we made the changes required, and we are once more on track. We needed her process!”

It is the “non-tangibles” that freeze organizations…that prevent progress. Each can be faced…and each can be overcome…simply by….
**Deciding to do that
**Holding the important conversations
**Involving the entire Team
**Following through with an Action-Plan with accountability

Simple? No!
If it was simple to do…then organizations would not get “tangled up”.
What’s needed?
**Leaders with “Managerial Courage” to hold these types of conversations.
**Leaders with “Openness” to listening when holding these conversations.
**Leaders with “follow-through” to put in place the “new emerging ways for the organization to be better, to be more effective.
**Leaders who will hold the organization accountable and responsible…so that fall-back does not happen.
**Leaders who are willing to utilize a transformational process for engaging the organization so that all move forward together…to follow the roadmap that never fails!

Are You one of these Leaders? Yes, you are!

Are you ready to learn this process?

Doable? Yes! This is very doable. You can do this! One leaderful – courageous conversation at a time.

Call me. I can help you. 716-622-7753. Let’s start with a free 20-minute conversation about the elephants that are lurking in your organization, and that are giving you, the Leader, fits of frustration. Lights On!

Claire Knowles

Call now…Don’t let the un-discussable
Elephants bog your organization down.
Call me.
Let’s lift them up and address them now!

Where have all the HR Leaders gone?

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Turn your Lights On to…. NYState SHRM state-wide conference in Buffalo Sept-28-30.

Yours truly, Claire Knowles, will be presenting in the BONUS session 9:45 am on Sept 28th on how HR Managers can help their professionalism and their careers by learning to identify, name, address their internal negative elephants that are trampling their respective business/organization, team/group.
For info check out:  http://nys.shrm.org/ny-annual-conference

This 2 hour workshop will be based on the Amazon best-selling book, “Can You See Them Now? (Elephants in our Midst! http://amzn.to/1ads9Ie

WHINING….Stop it! ….and Turn Your Lights On!

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WHINING! (It doesn’t have to be that way!)

Recently I gave a talk at a Business Networking Event. In it I shared about one of the first clues to going negative, to not being positive, to being pessimistic in one’s attitude, to becoming cynical. And that clue is, “to hear a person whining!” Yes, “Whining!” Everyone knows a whiner….what they sound like…the whiner whines about the weather and the economy, their work, their family, their situation, not enough sleep, etc., etc., etc. There was not one person in the room who didn’t have at least 3 “whiners” in their life. And most people don’t like to be around constant whiners. But what about the self-whining we do? Can we notice our own whining as easily as we notice it in others?

The unfortunate thing is that if you don’t choose to be a positive person, then inadvertently you may end up being a whiner. Whining is the opposite of thanksgiving…whining is defying the ability to be grateful….unable to see the good.

I also shared at this same event, a tactful way to stop whining! There is a North Carolina university, as part of a sociology project, where at the start of the semester, the students are given a clicker that they can use when they hear another person whining. And when “would-be whiners” get to the point that they hear the clicker in their own heads, rather than from someone else, they’ve arrived! They are policing themselves from sharing negative attitudes. They are finding a different, more positive way to be, and to express themselves. None of us need to be whiners. Whining is a choice!

What is the “important clicker” that you use so that you stay positive, and “are not a whiner?” Deny yourself a “whining zone” and choose to be positive every day, from the time you awaken ‘til you end your day. Lights On!  Yes….Stop Whining and Turn Your Positive Lights On!….now!